About us

UAB Scaent Baltic is an investment company registered in Lithuania, which controls and operates companies in various sectors. The activity and added value that has been successfully developed by its operated companies in the Baltic countries since 2007 enables Scaent Baltic to increase investments and search for new possibilities of development in finance, media, energy and other spheres.    

Investment company Scaent Baltic, operating in the Baltics, started its activity in the spring of 2007. Consistent and targeted development, based on a rational assessment of risks and returns on investments and efficient management of investment projects, ensures increase in value and business development.  

The group directors have accumulated experience of over 10 years’ international investment in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Finland and the Great Britain. The guiding principle for the company’s activity is development of long-term investment projects and fostering of partnership, which is ensured by optimum allocation of financial and management resources.  

Yearly improvement of activity results contributes to the company’s reaching for long-term strategic goals in Lithuania and the Baltics. Development based on knowledge and experience as well as on increasing the efficiency of the activity enable Scaent Baltic not only to expand business, but also to conduct social responsibility projects. The companies managed by Scaent Baltic are involved in implementation of long-term projects for social welfare creation. The companies establish special jobs for the disabled and implement projects for climate change prevention and environmental protection.

Business sectors